Interested In Becoming A FastXray Site?

  • - Do you have a CR or DR X-ray machine, MRI, CT scanner, US, DEXA scan, or other imaging modalities, or plans to upgrade?

  • - Increase revenue by maximizing utilization of your imaging equipment, while filling your schedule with CASH paying patients!

  • - Increase in foot traffic and marketing opportunities, FastXray will bring cash paying patients to your site!

  • - Give your equipment/technician(s) a full-days work! 

  • - We take care of all the advertising on your behalf!

  • - No extra equipment or software to purchase*

In the world of ever-changing healthcare rules and regulations, we as providers have to constantly find new ways to offset declining reimbursements. FastXray can be both an ancillary service for your practice, which may cost you NOTHING to implement, as well as a potential new patient generator (for clinical practices). Please see the ‘How it Works’ tab for anticipated workflow.

If you are interested in joining the FastXray Imaging Center Network, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss the details. We offer a simple, clean and transparent “flat-overhead” profit-sharing plan.

If your practice does not have a PACS system or you are not contracted with a Radiology group, let us know.  We have partnered with a national telerad company and can help arrange an agreement, as patients will expect an official "read" via hard copy
or patient portal.

* A small technology fee may apply for any IT work between your system and theirs.

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