• ✓ Do you offer medical imaging modalities?
  • ✓ Would you like ancillary income, without additional work/advertising?
  • ✓ Give your equipment/technician a full-days work and fill schedule gaps with CASH paying patients!
FastXray offers patients a Direct-to-Consumer medical imaging option, with a special interest in musculoskeletal imaging modalities (all modalities welcome however!)
  • Set your own pricing, we simply advertise on your behalf!
  • Increase revenue by maximizing utilization of your imaging equipment/personnel!
  • Increase in local foot traffic and regional marketing opportunities!
  • No extra equipment to purchase, utilize your existing imaging equipment!
  • Bring and capture cash paying patients to your location!
  • May function as an alternative to a full Urgent Care/Walk-In Clinic!
  • There’s no Buy-In or monthly fees to advertise your facility on We simply keep a small, flat % of collections for advertising, web maintance, etc. There’s truly NO downside!!

In the world of ever-changing healthcare rules and regulations, we as providers and admistrators have to constantly find new ways to offset declining reimbursements. FastXray can be both an ancillary service to your facility/practice, and for clinicians, a new patient and procedure generator.

FastXray partners discretely with medical imaging clinics to offer their Direct-to-Consumer pricing, using our patent-pending workflow solution and platform.  Founded by an Orthopedic Surgeon, and catering primarily to those patients, we have a special interest in musculoskeletal imaging.  Our job at FastXray is to match cash-pay patients to their local imaging facilities, to help fill empty spots in their schedules.  We are a blend of telemedicine with a brick and mortar backbone; in the traditional sense we help patients schedule imaging studies who have already been given a referral for an X-ray, MRI or other; however, we additionally offer a telehealth referral service for remote or on-demand musculoskeletal imaging orders, if/when appropriate, via a national Orthopedic Telemedicine service. Telehealth referrals are particularly helpful if your imaging location would like to offer patients the convenience of walk-in imaging options!

With FastXray, YOU set your own pricing, to be as competitive as possible with other imaging facilities in your locale.  The CASH reimbursement to your facility is often better than some payors, particularly for X-ray services!  However, even if pricing is set at a lower reimbursement rate, empty slots can be filled with NO additional work on your end (FastXray and MoonlightOrtho generate patients for you!).  Additionally, you need not worry about your competition knowing you are part of the FastXray imaging network, as the exact location/facility name is shielded from public view until the patient has paid.  At this point, the contact details for your facility are released directly to the patient via e-mail, along with a unique payment code.

Please call 1-833-FASTXRAY or fill out the form below to find out about FastXray opportunities in your area!

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