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Get an online referral from an oprthopedic surgeon at MoonlighOrtho.com


Medical imaging should not be complex. We believe in getting right to the point!


You're in pain. Time is limited. Get your imaging study NOW and have the results reviewed by an Orthopedic Surgeon!

It's all in the name. We do MEDICAL imaging FAST!


FastXray is a simple way to get a quick, hassle free X-ray, MRI, or other
imaging reviewed by a board-certified Radiologist, for a reasonable, flat
fee. Learn more about the process by watching the video below or see
the ‘How it Works’ tab.


Our telehealth providers and Radiologists have years of experience in their respective fields, utilizing the most up-to-date technology. This means that you can trust the results they provide to you.


Sometimes we just need reassurance. Especially when it comes to our health. Whether you're injured or just have chronic, ongoing joint or extremity pain, a quick X-ray or MRI may provide you with some insight on what to do next.


Don't delay your healthcare needs by waiting for a referral from a busy Primary Care Physician or Orthopedic Surgeon, or by sitting in a crowded ER or Urgent Care waiting room. FastXray can offer same-day services, via telemedicine, if appropriate.*


FastXray is a network of forward-thinking medical imaging centers and clinics, offering patients the MOST cost effective imaging choices available! With direct-to-consumer pricing, we cut out the middle man to offer patients the LOWEST price on imaging modalities such as: X-ray, MRI, CT scan, Ultra Sound, DEXA scan, and more!

Our patients enjoy a service like none other currently available, as we are a blend of telemedicine with a brick and mortar backbone. In the traditional sense, patients who already HAVE an imaging order or a referral from their doctor’s office can find imaging facilities offering discounts of 50% to 75% off what most local competitors charge for similar studies. However, for patients who NEED a referral or Doctor’s order for medical imaging, we also offer on-demand imaging services via a remote telemedicine referral at MoonlightOrtho.com, if/when appropriate.


Our mission at FastXray is to offer a convenient and reasonably priced service to the busy family or individual, who just wants the piece of mind that comes with knowing "it's not broken or torn" or "I don't have arthritis or another chronic condition". We also cater to the increasing percentage of the population who has been forced to carry a high deductible insurance plan, or worse yet, are choosing to go without insurance due to skyrocketing premiums over the last several years.

We believe in honesty, integrity and transparency; while putting healthcare choices back in the hands of patients, which is something that our industry is beginning to lose sight of. We offer patients a reasonable, no-haggle, flat-fee rate for medical imaging, with no "up- charges" for additional or unneeded services.


Save Time

Average ER wait times can be upwards of 4 hours or more, from check-in to discharge; and it may take weeks to get into your PCP or orthopedist for the images you want. FastXray has streamlined the process with our telehealth referral service offered through MoonlightOrtho.com

Save Money

Imaging at a FastXray location may be less than half of the price of having the same modality preformed at a doctor’s office or hospital.


No waiting for insurance pre-approval. No red tape or hoops to jump through. This is medical care at YOUR convenience! Some locations even allow walk-in patients, particularly for X-ray services.

Customer Service

Direct service to you the "consumer ", putting affordable healthcare choices back in your hands, not the hospital or insurance administrators.


Using today's technology for easier communication, patients needing a referral or Doctor's order for medical imaging no longer have to wait just to get into their physicians office, then spend more time driving and waiting again once they get there. An imaging modality such as an X-ray, MRI or other can be ordered remotely via our partners at MoonlightOtho.com, an Orthopedic Telemedicine practice!


Via our partner MoonlightOrtho.com patients can get quick, quality advice from a board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon regarding their imaging study results

Extended Services

Via our partners below we are able to offer patients additional direct-to-consumer services, allowing you to stretch your healthcare dollars further!

Our Partners

Want to contact us? Reach us at 1-833-FASTXRAY.

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